Maurice Leibinn is the creator of Productive Energy Management – a method that helps people optimize themselves so they get a maximum amount of results in a minimum of time.

He is a productivity Coach serving ​overworked entrepreneurs and ​professionals.

Maurice Leibinn is the creator of Productive Energy Management – a method that helps people get a maximum amount of results in a minimum of time while sustaining their energy and avoiding any kind of overwhelm.

He is a productivity Coach serving entrepreneurs and business owners.

About Maurice Leibinn

Hi, I’m Maurice Leibinn.

I’m glad that this is a written text, so you can’t hear my German accent right away (while I’m sure you will in near future 🙂

Before I quickly introduce myself and tell you stuff about who I am and what makes me do all of this here, let me make sure that you’re right here…

… because you’re probably wondering if your time is worth it to read this.

Since I also don’t like people wasting my time and energy, I'll try to quickly get to the point and answer the questions that are probably in your head right now.

So before I tell you in detail what I will help you with, you’re probably wondering:

How Do I Know If Your Stuff Is Good?

I’m glad you asked.

The easiest and fastest way is to check out all the free content on this site. If it helps you, I'll be happy to have brought one more person closer to their goals. 

However, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email or fill out the contact form on my "Contact" page. I'll personally get back to you as soon as I can. 

If you're really committed to making the most out of your time and not only want to know how to do it but also want to be shown how to do it and get help implementing it, then you've come to the right place.

I'm not another guy just telling you what to do, I actually want to make sure you do it and get the results! ​

However – the next thing you might want to know is…

How Do I Know If YOU'RE Good?

Well, since I don’t want the free stuff on my site to be the only information, let me finally come to the point where I tell you a little bit about myself.

I started learning about personal development and being productive when I was a mere 14 or 15 years old (I don’t remember exactly which age it was).

I always wanted to know how to be as efficient and as effective as possible, because I was (and still am) convinced that this is one of the most valuable skills that exist in order to be successful in life and in business.

My highest value and desire is freedom – and it’s the ultimate kind of freedom to get the results you want to have in the shortest amount of time possible and with a minimum of exhaustion.

After years and thousands of hours of learning productivity stuff, I then decided to teach people what I had learned.

I started building a website and wrote articles about personal development in addition to my full-time job and while studying for a bachelor's degree.

I had a lot of productivity skills, but the sheer overload of work often overwhelmed me. Having to spin all those different plates and solve the problems of an entrepreneur on an everyday basis additionally to a full-time job drained my energy and left me with a lot of undone stuff and unattained goals.

That was the point where I realized that the dozens and dozens of productivity techniques I knew have their limitations. 

​Fortunately, I possessed knowledge about how humans and how their bodies and their brains work from my job as a health coach and my license as a mental trainer.

That made me realize that common-sense time management is lacking one thing most of the time: it's not taking the things into account that ensure good execution: one's brain and body.

Most of the time, productivity as it's taught is about planning, prioritization etc., but nobody makes sure to align these structures to the "engine" behind it all.

I thought: "When time and energy are our limited assets every day, why is everyone just telling us how to make best use of our time and never talks about how to best use our energy?"

I realized: You can optimize your time in the best possible way but it won't work if you haven't optimized yourself before. You can build the best & most comfortable street, but you won't reach your destination when the engine is broken.

Because of my good understanding of mind and body, I was able to research into that topic way deeper and develop insights, systems and tactics to fit my body's and my mind's functioning to the process of getting stuff done.

And that finally got me the breakthrough I needed and my productivity reached new & unknown levels. I was now able to deal with everything that my day would throw at me, no matter how time-consuming or exhaustive it looked.

Today, I get my stuff done with ease and enjoy the rest of my time relaxed, alert and happy. 

Knowing that what I found was somewhat unique, I decided to go out and show other ​people like me, struggling just like me in the past, how to do what I did. 

... and that's why you're here today in the present, reading this page.

What I Will Help You With In Detail

My main focus is to help you get more done in less time by aligning your work with your mental and physical conditions, so you can finally enjoy freedom over your time. 

I’m the creator of a system called “Productive Energy Management” which is a method to system to optimize yourself and your processes, so you can get the results you want for your ​life while enjoying more time off – and all this while never having to deal with stress, exhaustion or overwhelm.

I do this in general by showing you tips, tactics and strategies on

  1. How to Master Every Day Fully Energized, Alert and Alive
  2. How to Fit Your Schedule to Your Brain's and Body's Rhythms and Make the Most out of It
  3. How to Use Your Energy as Efficiently as Possible and Leverage It for Massive Results from Your Work ​
  4. How to Get the Most Results out of the Time You Have, So You Don't Work All Day Long ​​and Feel Like You Accomplished Something at the End of the Day.

If that sounds cool to you, then welcome to my world! 🙂

Here's What To Do Next

Go to my Blog and read some of my free articles

If you like my articles, consider some of my free advanced and comprehensive trainings and tools. Or if you're already convinced, you can get my favorite free tool below.

If all that material helps you, consider some coaching when you have the chance to.

Easy, isn’t it?

Thanks for your time and get started!


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