The Little-Known Reason You’re Procrastinating and How to Fix It

Many people think procrastination is laziness or something, but it's actually not. Nature gave us procrastination to protect our lives and make our survival easier.

Procrastination is a human instinct just like craving food - therefore, you can't completely "eliminate" it or get rid of it.

However, you can decrease its likelihood to happen, but to do this, you need to understand why it exists.

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How CEOs Like Elon Musk Stay Productive All Day

Most people know that CEO's like Tesla's Elon Musk have crazy-long workweeks. Musk himself reported that he often works 100 hours a week (source) like many other business owners also.

Knowing that, it's hard to believe how such hard-working business owners can still focus on growing their business without getting sucked up into the overwhelming mass of daily demands that are often unimportant.

Still - as everyone can see - Musk and many other business owners with workweeks like that provide their business with massive results in short amounts of time - and this is not by accident...

There must be strategies that give them one thing: time to focus on on the things that make their business survive, grow and thrive. 

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The Secret to Productivity – Why Time Management Alone Won’t Help

During the last year, I often had 16-hour workdays and 100-hour workweeks. 

In such circumstances, it's hard to stay productive and provide the business with results instead of just slipping into busy-ness - hustling all the time without return. 

Still, I was able to deal with everything (no brag) because I knew the strategies to do so. And one vital thing became clear to me:

You won’t get better results in your business only by managing your time or tasks right. Rather, time management is only a gear in the engine.

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What Martin Luther Can Teach You About Productivity

Martin Luther once said: “I have so much to do today that I shall have to spend the first three hours in prayer”. On the first sight, this doesn’t sound really productive. We could even wonder how Martin Luther was able to translate the whole bible with such a mindset.

But as you’ll learn in this article, the underlying idea of this makes perfectly sense. As counterintuitive as it seems, the lesson we can learn here is a huge win for everyone’s productivity.

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